watch and see

Last week I was feeling pretty frustrated when I was told I was the wrong kind of person for a job at work. My frustration continued when the frustration and annoyance of the laser guy was apparent when I was sent to work for him.

But, the norns, the gods, the cosmic forces that be have a funny way of making things right themselves. I believe they engineered this all so perfectly.

Wednesday I’m told that I am the wrong kind of person for the job. Thursday, I’m sent over to laser because he needs somebody, and I apparently became somebody after all. I arrived with a smile and a determined attitude. “I guess you get me,” I informed him. His face twisted up. “Why?” he asked.

A fella from days asked why he wasn’t running those big parts again. To which he replied, “all they sent me was her.” I said, “hey, I offered to help ’em yesterday, but…” This resulted in the biggest guffaw from the fella from days.

I buried myself in my work and left it at that. I had one mistake that day. Could’ve happened to anybody, and I’m confident in saying it was not my girlness that made it happen.

What did happen is that I bumped/misaligned a part I was supposed to be cutting. The laser followed its designated path resulting in a cut where it wasn’t supposed to be. I let him know immediately. That was really the end of it.

Friday I was sent to laser again. This time I was caught in what seemed a similar conversation but with a different guy from days. This time it played out a little differently. The days guy said that a particular part wasn’t cleared to run because it’s still not cutting right. The laser guy replied “we weren’t gonna run them anyways, all they sent me was her” this guy said, “tell him you’re all he needs,” with a beatific smile. I smiled back, saying nothing.

Laser guy dug a little deeper. He says, “Well that’s not what I meant. I just meant we’re gonna run these parts. They’re a no-brainer.”

The guy from days said something like “I don’t know that I’d use the term no-brainer” and then asked me if I was going to stand there and take it.

I mockingly threw my hands in the air, sealed my lips shut, turned around like I was walking away. We all laughed.

I spent the day cutting those no-brainer parts. By the end of the day, the laser guy told me I’d done a great job. I figure this was a thank you for not miscutting another part. Overall, it wasn’t a bad day.

Saturday, I was sent to laser again. Saturdays are short days, so we only work for 5 hours. I ended up working those parts that we weren’t cleared to run on Friday. I guess they got it sorted out. These ones were a pain in the arse.

Putting them on the fixture was easy. Set them on then push them back to make sure they’re in place. Step back and push the button, let the laser do the rest. Tap them off of the fixture with a tool and set them aside to cool because they are hot.

Once they’d cooled, the fun began. I had to wrest the parts out from the scrap that had been cut off. Sometimes it popped off easy-peasy. Other times, I had to use the channel locks to wrest them apart. A few times, I even had to use his large crescent wrench.

A handful of times while I fought to free the part from its metal confines, I saw him start to come help me. Then, I’d find the right angle or apply the correct amount of pressure and it would pop free. By the end of the day, I got another good job from him.

About those norns knowing what they’re doing. I was there. I was watching. He was watching. This is the same man whom I wished a happy birthday to just weeks ago. A man whom I saw at the grocery story and waved excitedly at from across the parking lot. A man I’ve chatted with countless times since I started working there.

He’s a sweet guy. Of everyone there, I think I like him the best. I am sure that he doesn’t mean any harm.

Now, I’m not making excuses for him, here. He’s going to have to watch and learn. Maybe they all are. Them of the my [ex]wife would never work here camp are going to have to realize that would not and could not are two very different things. Also, I not only would but do work here.

My Rosie the Riveter tshirt arrived today.

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