who can think of a title for everything?

By the gods it has been a week. We had an appointment today, so Clark and I took the day off. This means it was a short week, kind of, but a week nonetheless.

long days

There were meetings. Meetings somehow always suck. And, the truth is that you never know if you’re truly being heard or if you’re just being put through the motions. Yeah, we hear you. We care. Let’s see what we can do to fix this for you. Ugh. I hate meetings.

Orientation finally happened at work. It was a weird thing to be having so close to my 90 days. At 90 days we get a review (and potentially a raise). I mentioned that I would be interested in having just one Saturday a month back to so that I can get back to writing again. I haven’t been getting very much writing done at all because I’m almost always at work these days.

I spent quite a bit of time working at laser this week. I guess laser guy really did watch and see and liked what he saw because he’s saying he wants me to be his permanent laser operator because I can work circles around all the guys. I am both flattered by the compliment and completely down with permanently moving to laser.

It’s laid back there. I work at my pace (which is pretty evenly matched to the laser’s pace because what else am I going to do all day?). Laser guy is a nice guy. He’s easy going and laid back. He has been my favorite coworker since day one at the new job. Something about him always so brotherly and kind.

One little hiccup doesn’t change that. Even though it hurt when he said I was the wrong kind of person for that particular job, he never meant to hurt me. I’m actually quite pleased to see that it didn’t ruin anything between us. I’m even more pleased that he sees me as a good coworker to have on his team.

I worked the press side a bit, too. That side’s not the same as it was when I started there. A change in the lineup created a change in the atmosphere. I don’t mind the work, but the atmosphere makes for longer days.

I spent some time deburring, too. The crappier side of the job, really. Another reason I’d be happy to land myself permanently in laser. Sure, sometimes they deburr. I’m not opposed to the practice. At no time should it be the only thing I do all day.

nature creeping in

From tiny turtles to frogs to feral pigs to friendly racoons, you never know what wildlife will pay you a visit at work.

Yesterday, Clark found this baby snapping turtle chilling in an empty parking space after lunch. He showed me, and I snapped this picture before we went inside.

About an hour and a half later, I was headed to the break room for a popsicle because it was a rather hot night, and I came across that same little guy no where near where he’d begun his journey.

He was a fast little fella. I tried to help him get some of the grass off of his very long tail, but he kept running scared. I didn’t want to give the poor guy a heart attack.

Laser guy did catch that tiny turtle and put him out back into the grassy area. Hopefully he’ll find his way back to wherever his pond was. We didn’t see any mama snapping turtle looking for her lost baby.

the muse decides

With no work today and our appointment over hours ago, I thought I’d get a little bit of writing done. With that goal in mind, I settled in with my Word.

I really wanted to visit with Mary Cardelia and Jesse. I really wanted to rework the picnic scene that’s been bothering me since the day I wrote it. I really wanted to take a trip back to 1871 and the hot Iowan summer flirtations.

I got some writing done. It wasn’t Mary and Jesse’s story that started flowing out of me. It wasn’t anybody I’ve ever thought of before.

Today I met Caralyn Desiree Fillimino, and I must have big plans for her because she has three names and a growing and developing backstory that’ll break your heart even as your face splits wide with a smile.

I don’t know where her story is going or what it will become. I put it into a file I’m calling growing stories because I can tell it’s going to be something, I’m just not sure what that something is going to be.

before she leaves me

I wanted to swing by and say hello to all of you. I feel like the most neglectful hostess these days, never finding the time to stop here and leave you a story to read or a recipe to try. Too tired to cook or write or even say more than hi most days.

That’s why when the muse is in sight, I better settle in and get as much from her as I can while she’s here.


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