help me quit my job

You might have caught that I’ve been moved departments at work. I’m in laser and Clark remains in pressroom. The change isn’t overly significant to the bigger scheme of things. We still work in the same building and on the same shift, technically. I go in two hours earlier, and he stays two (sometimes four) hours later than I.

I’ve been turning those extra hours at the end of the day into writing hours. Mostly, I’ve been working on short stories. As I’ve been writing these stories and stashing them in folders for later use, I’ve been thinking on how to monetize them. I’d really and truly love to quit my job altogether. In order to do that, my stories and books need to be bringing in the money.

I miss being home with my daughter. I miss the freedom of writing full time. I miss cooking for my family. I need to pay the bills and keep food in the house. It’s the conundrum that is life.

My first step towards monetizing is to give Patreon a try. For just a few dollars a month you can help me reach my goal of quitting my job. In return, you’ll gain exclusive access to read my short stories that you won’t find anywhere else.

What are you waiting for? Click the link and help me bring you more great stories.

The perks of my quitting my job include that I will have even more time to write short stories and novels. I will also have more time to cook and share my recipes with all of you.

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