Throwback Thursday: Coloring Contest

Recently, I was looking through some old thumb drives. One held a file folder from ages ago.

To celebrate the release of Monster Beneath my Bed we held a coloring contest to win an autographed copy. The contest page featured the bed from Monster Beneath my Bed across the top of the page and asked the kids to color it in and then draw their monster beneath it.

We received some creative entries. Throwback Thursday seems the perfect time to share them with all of you.

the entrants

Emma Sich Age 8
Garret Miller Age 5
Elizabeth Age 7
Logan Age 5
Lilliana Age 3
Carson Age 5
Eden Katchey Age 9
Lexie Age 6
Miranda Age 6
Vaughn Age 5
Diezel Glass Age 7

They were all so wonderful I was glad that I had a computer program to do the winner selection for me.

The contest may be over, but you can find Monster Beneath my Bed on Amazon or Barnes&Noble.

I earn nothing from purchases made through links on this site
[except royalties for my own books]

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