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It’s Friday. I’d say woohoo, because Friday is Friday. Tomorrow Clark and I are off to play Boylesque Bingo with Boylesque Michigan to benefit Blankets with Care –a nonprofit helping the homeless in our area. We are excited about that. Less exciting is the fact that Friday means the weekend, and at the end of the weekend comes Monday, and Monday means back to work after having had the whole week off.

But, it is Friday, and Friday’s are for following. I don’t do all that writer lift and follow for follow stuff. l like genuine connections. If you’re looking for ways to follow me, you’ve come to the right post.


Obviously you can follow me here at This is where you will find missives and announcements. I also post updates and stories and recipes here.


I found that I can turn all these blog posts into podcasts. It’s something different. It gives y’all the chance to check my stuff out even when you don’t have time to read. Right now, I’m using text to speech technology to turn some of my posts into podcast episodes. That will be season one. New posts will begin with season 2.


Twitter is where you will find me most of all. I’m @shldbwriting because we all know that’s what I should be doing. On twitter I post thoughts and ideas and experiences. Twitter is the in the moment happenings. Me in the raw.


Subscribe to my new patreon page to read exclusive short stories. I’ll be posting a minimum of one story a month.


I finally did it. I gave in and I made myself a facebook page. I wanted to give y’all the options to follow me where you find yourselves. I can’t deny that many people use facebook exclusively. My husband is one of them. I’m not entirely certain how I’ll utilize this new site, but you will find me there figuring it out.


Tumblr is just a place where this blog posts to. I mostly forget it exists until I am making myself one of these follow posts. However, if you find yourself on tumblr, you can find me there in spirit.

I think I’ve covered all of the places where you can find me and follow me. I hope to see you there.

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