Monday thoughts

Can I have Monday thoughts on a Tuesday? Well, technically it’s rolling into Wednesday as I type this. But, we’re gonna call them Monday thoughts because I’m just home from work, and it felt like a Monday all day.

There’s so much going on and I don’t really know where to start with it all. Monday thoughts are a little hard to wrangle in sometimes. After all, it’s Monday, and the brain is still recovering from the weekend.

What have I been up to lately? Goodness me I have been so very busy.

I’ve been taking short stories from here on my blog and turning them into podcasts. I’ve been including a handful of recipes, too. You can find me as ShldBWriting in most places where you listen to podcasts. I guess I won’t be playing on Apple because they told me “all we need is your credit card number,” and I was always taught to be weary of that line.

I’ve been recording my podcasts in my own voice. It’s actually made me hyper aware of how I sound when I talk, even when not recording. It’s a bit weird to be picking up on my own cadences and accent changes as they happen.

To make things even more interesting, I’ve been listening to myself at work. I’m trying to learn from what I’ve done so far in the hopes that people will forgive my early episodes if I get the hang of it eventually.

But, hey. Let’s add a little twist to the mix. Remember I told you that my husband doesn’t read my blog? Well, guess what he does do? He follows my podcast. He informed me that he actually listens to me at work, too.

No pressure at all as I build my episodes. Sitting there in my room, knowing they’re hearing my stumbles from here in the living room. Wondering if the laughter I hear is them laughing along with me.

And laugh I do. Clark says that I should make a blooper reel. I’ve started saving some of the funnier ones just in case I decide to do it.

Clark and I along with our fifteen-year-old daughter have been working with the nonprofit Blankets with Care. Over labor day weekend we got together to fill blessing bags with essential items, water, and snacks. We made such quick work of filling the bags, that we found plenty of time to pass them out to some of the homeless in Macomb and St. Clair counties.

Our daughter and her best friend were there all day helping. Daughter reported afterwards that she felt exhausted but exhilarated. We couldn’t be more proud of the two of them.

And, of course, I’ve been writing. Always writing. Mostly short stories. They come to me all the time. I’ve taken to texting myself thoughts and ideas when I’m nowhere near my keyboard.

Although I’m never far from my “keyboard” really. I’ve even managed to type out a few pages with my fat thumbs on my phone while on break or sitting beneath our tent at the Sunday Market waiting for the next wave of potential customers to come through.

We’re halfway through our set of Sundays for the Sunday Market. I can’t believe it’s been flying by so fast. Just seven more weeks remain. There’s something big in the works for our October market wrap-up.

My work playlist is my writing playlist is my anytime playlist. I’ve had Some Random Bastards debut album Sofa King Good on repeat for weeks. My husband has, too. And so has a kid from work. Why? Because they really are Sofa King Good.

I strongly encourage everyone to give them a listen. I promise you we’re not even prejudiced by the fact that we went to school with two of the bands’ members. Though, it does make it more awesome as we have plans to see them live later this month.

Blankets with Care has also been planning another Boylesque Bingo, and we are so very excited. There’s still so much left to do. Keep your eyes peeled, and I’ll tell you where you can buy tickets if you’re in the area and how to donate from anywhere.

One last thing before I go. At the top of this page (or any page on this site) you can find a show of support tab. This is where you can offer a contribution to show your support of my writing. You may also notice these support boxes appearing at the bottom of my stories. Show your support with a one-time, monthly, or yearly donation. Choose an amount or enter a custom amount of your choosing. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

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