froggy went a courtin’

There it was, the end of the day. I had closed the back door near our department and was grabbing my stuff up to leave when I remembered that I’d left a shop rag on one of the chairs outside. I headed outside to get it.

When I opened the door, something solid and about two inches in diameter landed with a thump on my collarbone. Panicked, I grabbed it off of me and threw it to the ground in one swift motion. It landed on the soft black mat just outside the door.

It was a little frog. Bright green and oh so adorable.

I grabbed the shop rag that had brought me outside, presumably knocking the little guy down from the door frame above me. I squatted down and greeted the little green frog in a voice I reserve only for animals. It’s similar to the voice many use when talking to babies. While I talked to it, I pulled out my phone and snapped this pic.

He blinked, albeit slowly, so I’m fairly certain that he survived the harrowing affair.

I previously photographed a turtle I found wandering around at work.


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