midnight escape

Photo by Aleksandr Nadyojin on Pexels.com

She looked around her, seeking a path, but there wasn’t one. The darkness grew darker, blacker around her. She begged her eyes to adjust quicker. Worrying what lurked around the next corner, she crouched down and crept slowly. 

A flash in the distance. Small. Greenish yellow in color. There it was again. She moved towards it. Flash. Dark. Another, just slightly north of the last. 

Then there were two, three, four of them. Flash, flash. Their numbers quickly doubled then tripled. It became obvious that she was watching fireflies. She was mesmerized by their dance.

She shook it off. She needed to move quickly before the enemy caught her unaware. 

She dropped down to her belly and slithered across the cool grass. She could just make out the outline of home base in the distance. She was going to make it.

She heard the sound of a twig snap behind her. Quickly, she rolled to her back, putting her hands up to protect her eyes from the sudden brightness of the flashlight shining in her face.

“Don’t move!” he commanded, holding a serious face with all his might.

“I surrender!” she pulled a white handkerchief from her pocket and began waving it.

“I said don’t move,” he hid his face behind his hands so she wouldn’t see him laugh.

Seeing the opportunity to get the upper hand, she utilized the ultimate weapon. 

“Tickle monster!” she tickled the boy mercilessly.

“No fair!” he declared between fits of giggles.

She was relentless in her ticklings. He squealed with delight as he begged her to stop. Soon, they both lay side by side in the grass gasping for air. 

He snuggled up beside her, and they watched the fireflies dance in the midnight sky while they cuddled. 

“Thank you, Mommy,” he sounded sleepy.

“You betchya,” she hugged him closer.

This camping trip had been her best idea yet. 

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