Can it really be the end of September already?

The leaves have begun to turn their autumnal shades of reds, yellows, oranges, and browns. The air has cooled and the jeans and hoodies have come out of hibernation. Here in Michigan it seems like it’s raining more than it isn’t just like it does every year. And, of course, everyone is going crazy for pumpkin spice.

The holidays are just around the corner!

October brings us Halloween with monsters and witches and all things scary and fun. We get to dress up and pretend to be anything we want to be. Halloween comes with trick-or-treating and lots of yummy treats. If you’re looking for a fun book to read to the kiddos this Halloween that won’t leave them hiding under the covers, check out Monster Beneath my Bed.

You’re all tucked into bed when you hear a sound. Was it in the closet? Maybe beneath your bed? You tell your parents, but they say there is no such thing as monsters. You know what you heard, right?Monster Beneath my Bed is a (mostly) true story about a monster living beneath the bed at night. Follow one little girl’s scary nights as she struggles with the noises she hears coming from beneath her bed. Find out what she learned about her monster in the surprise ending that will leave everyone feeling relieved about what lurks in their bedroom at night.

Before you know it, November will be here. With it comes all kinds of weather changes. The colder temperatures roll in and we bundle up tighter. Everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving dinner and all those extra pounds we’ll pack on to keep ourselves warm. For the kiddies learning about the changing seasons, check out I Love the Changing Seasons, winner of the 2013 KART Kids Book List Award for Creative Storytelling.

I Love the Changing Seasons is about all the wonderful changes each season brings. Children will learn about the seasons while enjoying the fun rhyming rhythm of the story.

Suddenly Christmas is upon you. The kids start writing their letters to Santa. You find yourself up to your ears in wrapping paper and cookies. You can’t remember if Dolly gets the Sally or Sally gets the Dolly. Settle in on Christmas Eve with steaming cups of hot chocolate, a plate of cookies and We’ve Seen Santa.

It’s every child’s dream to catch Santa leaving presents under the tree. Falling asleep on Christmas Eve is a struggle! You hear a sound. What was it? Could it be Santa? We’ve Seen Santa is the story of a brother and sister who sneak out of bed and go downstairs to take a peek. Will Santa be eating the cookies they left out for him? Will he be the jolly man they imagine? Will he be happy to see them? An unforgettable Christmas is in store for these siblings!

It seems like just yesterday we were all cautiously arriving at 2021. Just as it seems we’ve got it wrangled, it’s drawing to an end. Before you know it, it will be 2022, and we’ll be figuring things all out again. The kids will be going back to school, the festivities having drawn to an end. For the middle grade reader in your life check out Adventures of Bear B & Stone; Bully Troubles. An illustrated chapter book that addresses the tough subject of bullying with fun and likeable characters and an encouraging plotline.

Moving is never easy. Living in a new house, in a new neighborhood, where nothing is familiar can be hard. Bear B and Stone are experiencing these changes in their life. They are making new friends and learning to love their new home. Not everyone is very welcoming. Bossy and Butch are downright mean. They don’t like Stone. It’s not anything he did. It’s just because he is a cat. Bully Troubles is about overcoming the bullies. Bear B and Stone want to be able to enjoy their lives. They don’t want to let Butch and Bossy get in the way. Can they defeat the bullies without becoming bullies themselves?

Through all the holiday shopping and holiday cheer, remember just how important it is to think of self care. We often forget ourselves as we strive to make the holidays for our family and friends. Draw yourself a bath, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, and settle in with a good book for a little me time. Looking for your next read? Check out Child Eater; a supernatural mystery.

Five-year-old Alice White is missing. Her room was left in shambles. Nothing about this small town, or its haunting woods, is normal. Is the “Child Eater” real, or merely a story told by parents to keep their children out of the woods? Tabitha Jordan is a private investigator with a history and understanding of the supernatural. Her own childhood came to an abrupt end the night a monster came for her and got her father instead. Will Tabitha find Alice in time? Can she solve the mystery of the “Child Eater” and bring Alice back home where she belongs?

Will there be a book shortage for Christmas?

I’ve been hearing rumors that there might be a book shortage just in time for the holidays. Order now to ensure gifts under your favorite bookworm’s tree.


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