A World in Turmoil

I don’t tend to talk about the pandemic much. I keep my eye on the news but generally keep my covid conversations limited to my small circle. It’s a touchy subject, and everyone seems to have their own version of the truth as it pertains to the virus and the pandemic as a whole. But, y’all things are weird right now, so I’m going to tell you a little story about how my day went.

Not a Typical Wednesday

Clark and I hit the snooze button a little bit. It’s wednesday, and there were still a few hours before work. Daughter whipped up some jarred sauce and spaghetti noodles for us to eat. After we ate, we packed up our lunches, filled our thermoses with coffee, and headed out the door.

It was a little weird that we didn’t see my supervisor’s jeep in the parking lot, but I was already running late, so I didn’t spend but a moment considering it. After I clocked in, I found my department head shutting down the lasers and looking rather upset.

“Bring your purse, we’re going to HR,” he said.

My brain starts racing. I haven’t a clue what we might be heading to HR for. When I said I was running late, I was still clocked in 7 minutes before my shift.

“Do you know why they need to see us?” I asked, confused.

That’s when he informed me that my supervisor tested positive for Covid earlier in the day. We discussed what was likely about to happen as we walked through the bitter cold to the building that houses HR. He warned that I was probably being sent home due to direct exposure as my supervisor and I were working at the same laser for the last two days.

I’m taken into one of the HR staff member’s offices. We’re standing there in this little office, very little space between us, as she is telling me that I have been exposed at work and now have to go home for the day and get myself tested tomorrow before I can return to work.

I asked, “What about Clark?” because he and I work together.

“He’s just an exposure of an exposure, so he can just stay and work,” was her reply.

He was even permitted to drive me home. The catch? I had to call or text him because I wasn’t allowed to return to the building.

I generally leave my coat in the truck, as I did today. So, there I was in below freezing temperatures with the wind whipping past me just as the wind advisory warned me it would, and I’m walking across the parking lot outside of HR’s building and then around the building I work in to stand outside of the locked truck and shiver while I waited for my husband.

He drove me home, and we discussed how odd it was that they were allowing him to return to work. Back at work, he told his supervisor where me and my supervisor had gone. His supervisor asked why neither of them was sent home as a direct exposure considering our tiny little 4 person shift hangs out together and chit-chats every night including when we gather by the time clock.

I called my doctor’s office to schedule a test. They warned me that a negative test would not be a guarantee that I was not positive because of how recent the exposure may have been. We scheduled it according to my employer’s request. We also went ahead and scheduled Clark to be tested because we live and work together.

the waiting game

Let the waiting game begin. First I have to wait until tomorrow to be tested. I don’t know if it will be a rapid test or the PCR test. How long will we wait for results?

There are no answers. Only questions.

Welcome to Pandemic 2022…

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