A World of Confusion

I had to be tested for covid before I could return to work because my supervisor tested positive. It was so weird to go to the doctor because my boss got a cold (symptoms wise) even though I didn’t feel sick at all.

Our appointments were for 1130 and 1145 am. We arrived around 1115 to handle the paperwork and insurance updates that always arrive with the new year.

We signed in on the clipboard near the reception window just like always. We sat in the waiting room until they called our names. We produced identification and insurance cards. We signed the updated paperwork while she made copies of the cards.

Then, I asked if we were supposed to head down the hall and sit behind the partition to wait like they’d said on the phone. She checked her computer and confirmed we were to head for the makeshift waiting room in the hall. It was 1125.

By noon nobody had come to get us, so I called the office and asked if they’d forgotten about us. They gave a speil about how the doctors were all overbooked trying to accommodate everyone, though the near empty waiting room and parking lot didn’t back their story.

About 1210 pm, the MA came and got us. She took our temperature before saying “ok” and stepping aside to let us in. The doctors all lingered nearby, their white coats giving them away. They certainly didn’t look overwhelmed or busy.

The MA led us to our room which was all the way at the front of the office, near the reception desk. We trailed past all of the doctors and quite a number of rooms.

She asked for our symptoms. We had none. We were there because my supervisor tested positive. She confirmed that we’d like both the rapid test and the 2-day test performed. She left to go grab the swabs.

I went first. She didn’t go nearly as deep as the tech who came to my house back in December of 2020. She said it was no longer necessary.

She swabbed my left nostril by sticking a short swab in and twirling it around and around while slowly counting to ten. She used that swab for the rapid test. She then stuck a long swab into my right nostril and repeated the twirling and counting. That swab was broken off inside the tube for the 2-day test.

She performed the same tests on Clark. She then stuffed our 2-day tests into her pocket and threw away all the wrappers and trash from all the tests. She threw away her gloves. She grabbed our charts and our rapid tests up and carried them from the room.

The doctor arrived carrying our charts and rapid tests. She set them on the counter and asked a few questions about our (lack of) symptoms. She peeked in our noses, throats, and ears. She checked our tests one last time, confirmed them negative, and threw them away.

She left the room to retrieve return to work notes for each of us. She wasn’t gone long at all. With notes in hand, we made our way back out past all the empty exam rooms and the doctors congregated near the back door exit reserved for covid testers only.

Somebody said they hoped we feel better soon. We went home to get ready for work. I handed our return to work notes in to HR and headed to my building.

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