War on Foreign Soil -a writing prompt story

Wow! It’s February already. Can you believe it? 2022 is just racing right on by. I haven’t even written a Picadilly Write the Story yet. Inside this book are story ideas that come with a list of ten words you must include in the story. It can be quite the challenge.

Write the Story from Picadilly

For the first Picadilly Write the Story story of the year, I let my husband choose the story. I handed him my business card and the book. I asked him to slip the card in between any of the pages. Then, I asked him left or right? He chose left.

This is what he chose:

War on Foreign Soil

Include the following in your story:

  • amputated
  • calisthenics
  • global
  • patriot
  • curtain
  • walnut
  • banana
  • fixture
  • carbonate
  • bluetooth

I was a patriot because I was raised to be a patriot. I never questioned loyalty to my country. I never considered not loving my country.

I knew I would grow up to be a soldier. It was what my father had been. And his father before him. And so on and so forth for as many fathers as we could trace back in our family line.

I loved the calisthenics of gym class, so basic training was a breeze for me. I hadn’t considered global tensions when I had enlisted on my eighteenth birthday. I had expected to spend my years marching around base and saying “Yes, sir,” a lot just as my father had.

I was going to find me a pretty girl. If she could bake my grandma’s banana bread with the toasted walnuts just the way I liked them, I might have even married her. We’d be a fixture in the community because everyone loved her as much as I did.

But those were just dreams. Dreams that were dashed by a war on foreign soil I never should have stepped foot on. The bluetooth navigation system led our convoy right into the enemy’s hands.

Instead of lying in bed beside a beautiful wife, I find myself here on this cold metal slab. The flimsy curtain that separates me from the rest of the room billows in an imaginary breeze as I slip in and out of consciousness.

The words that float to me from the other side of that divide are foreign. I can’t remember if I recognize them. I think I heard the word amputated or maybe it was carbonated.

The darkness closes in.

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