Oh crap, was that Little Miss Muffet?

Sometimes story ideas come to me with a writing prompt in tow. This is one of those times.

the writing prompt

Write a story about an event or moment from your life, but write it from a perspective other than your own.

Oh crap, was that Little Miss Muffet?

Steady now. Steady. You’ve got this.

Are those cats? Oh crap. Those are cats.

Slowly now. Just a little bit of thread at a time. Don’t make too much now. Too much and you’re gonna drop too fast.

Down down down I go. Eyes always on those cats.

Oh good. A soft landing. One leg, two leg, three leg, four. Five leg, six leg, seven, one more.

Screaming. Where is that screaming coming from? The vibrations are intense. The soft landing is shaking.


I’m flying through the air. The screaming hasn’t ceased. I can feel it in the vibrations of the air. I want to flee. Escape is now the only thing I know.

A shoe comes flying at my head. I leap, narrowly escaping.

I’m running for my life, all eight of my legs pumping furiously. I’m dodging curious cats and flying shoes. I’m searching for the exit.

I slip into a crevice. Safe, even if only for a moment, I pause to catch my breaths.

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