Can You Believe What Landlords Can Get Away With?!?!

Hi. We are the Higgins.

Our family has come to find ourselves in a bit of a predicament. We have been renting our current home for nearly two years now. We have paid our rent and bills on time every month.

We were caught off guard when we received a letter in the mail informing us that our community will not be renewing with us this year. They expect us to be out by October 1st.

You pay on time, You don’t violate community rules, You’re friendly with your neighbors, Now GET OUT!

Read on or Click Here to Go To Go Fund Me Page

We’ve spent the past two years building our credit. Our plan had been to stay just one more year and spend that year saving towards purchasing a new home. We had only just begun our savings journey. We have just under $3,000 saved for our move.

We have hired a realtor and begun working with a broker to find and purchase a home now. You can help us to achieve our goal of homeownership.

Every dollar you contribute will go towards this goal in the form of:

  • down payment
  • closing costs
  • moving costs
  • necessary appliances

We appreciate all of your help with this unexpected life event.

Clark & Tiffany Higgins

Visit Go Fund Me to Donate to Higgins Need Help with Unexpected Moving Costs

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