Memory Lane

How do you get to Memory Lane? What does it look like once you’ve arrived there?

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Memory Lane

I’ve heard that you’ve been looking for Memory Lane recently. I might be able to be your guide, but first, there are a few things that you should consider. Have you ever been to Memory Lane before? No. I didn’t think so.

There are two paths you can take to get to Memory Lane. The first one–the one I recommend–is the long and winding way of Joy with a swing through Happy Times. If you can spare the time, it’s a sight to behold.

But… Now lean in close. Closer now. There you go. I don’t want nobody else hearing me telling you this. I really shouldn’t be, you know? But, there is another way in if you’re brave enough. It ain’t easy, mind you. It ain’t easy at all. But, it’ll get ya there fast.

We’d have to sneak in through the streets of Heartache and Heartbreak. We’d be creeping right on down Regret Alley. And if you make a wrong turn you can get twisted up and lost forever in the Sea of Should Have Beens. I’ve taken people that way more than a time or two, but if you’re not strong, I can’t save you from yourself.

Now when we get there, that doesn’t mean we’re in the clear. It can look different for everybody, so I can only tell you what to expect. False Memories stand guard outside every entrance. They’ll trick you into taking a trip down Rewrite Drive where everything you see will seem exactly as you remember it to be.

Once you’ve made it past the False Memories you’ll find Visionary Beacons which light the way to Echo Pool. Echo Pool is where everything you can’t let go of lingers. You’d do best not to delay there.

Beyond Echo Pool lies the Mournful Wood. We must battle past all your sorrow and grief. Everything you have ever done wrong will come to haunt you inside those woods. There is no hiding from these things, there will be no escaping them once you’ve entered the Mournful Wood.

We’ll cut through the Cemetary of Sorrow. Remember they aren’t your loved ones. They are only your own memories wishing to offer you comfort as they break your heart anew. They will whisper secrets you’ve thought you’d long forgotten and beg you to stay there with them. You cannot linger amongst the memories there. We must push on.

Once we’ve flung open the gates of the Cemetary of Sorrow and turned ourselves down the stormy path of Why Didn’t I and pushed through the torrential winds of Broken Promises we’ll finally arrive at Forgotten Prayers.

From Forgotten Prayers, it’s just a quick jag over to Memory Lane where the streets are littered with pure, untainted memories. You can watch storytime with Gramma play out like you are back in her lap again. You can scratch Rufus behind his ears and feel his wiry coat beneath your fingertips.

Your memories will be your own, and no one else can see them. Memory Lane is a magical place where nothing can be forgotten or rewritten. You can relive those happiest days of your life over and over again.

Mind my words, now. I’m going to warn you only this once. When you’re there in Memory Lane, and you’re enjoying all those wonderful memories you’ve held on to for so long, just you always remember those dark days you’ve lived through are also lurking around every corner waiting to be remembered and relived, too.

Now, I take cash or credit card–all paid for up front just in case you don’t make it back, of course. When would you like to leave?

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