The Shape of the Forest

I am always on the lookout for new and interesting story and writing prompts. This writing prompt suggested that you write a story into a shape. It suggested something along the lines of a circle, a square, or a heart.

I saw a forest. It’s a dark and dangerous forest. This story is not for the faint of heart, but if you dare to venture into the woods with me, then below you will find The Shape of the Forest.

Looking up through the treetops
Image by Tiffany Higgins

of the Forest

ago we
entered the
forest for the first,
and probably the last,
time. I can’t remember whose
idea it was to come here or why
we all thought it was such a great one,
but we found ourselves hiking into a lush
and green forest.

settling in for
a week-long camping
trip. I’d just begun to pitch
my tent when the air was broken
by a blood-curdling scream. I dropped
my mallet–stake barely tapped into the
ground–and ran towards the sound. I was
certain that it was a member of my own
camping party.

for the sight that
befell me as I ran deeper
into those terrible woods. The
bodies that hung from the trees
were in varying stages of decay. One
near me hung fresh and glistening. It’s
innards were in the process of becoming
outards as goop dripped and dropped around

frozen in place.
I may have soiled myself
as I stared at the horror before
me. I tried to swallow, but my mouth
had gone dry. I tried to scream, but I found
that I had no voice. I wanted to run, but my legs
had gone numb. I wasn’t certain if they could support

warm and wet
landed on my shoulder.
I yelped. I turned, finally ready
to take off running for my car and
never look back. I wasn’t even going to
worry about my own party. I’d jump in my car
and drive straight to the nearest police
department. I would drive like a wild maniac
in the hopes of getting pulled over on the

I plowed
into somebody.
They were tall and wide
and very muscular. Before I
could so much as think, their arms
wrapped around me. I tried to shout. My
mouth snapped open and closed like a
fish. I gasped for breath, gulping in
sour, pungent air and gagging on it. I

was the
last thing I
remember before
waking up in this tiny
cell with you. I was on
a camping trip with a few
of my friends. We heard that it
was a great forest with lots of
amazing sights to behold. We were
never warned of the dangers lurking around
every tree.

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