Happy Sesame Street Day!

When I realized that Sesame Street Day just so happened to land during both Young Readers Week and National Children’s Book Week as well as Picture Book Month, I knew that I just had to write a post about my favorite Sesame Street book.

Clark and I grew up in two very different households in two different states, but this classic children’s story was loved by both of us. We shared our love for this Sesame Street story with our children. Maybe one day, they will have children of their own to share it with.

I hope that, like us, many of you grew up loving this classic Sesame Street story from 1971. This Jon Stone classic is an interactive adventure with lovable, furry old Grover. Have you figured out which storybook I’m talking about?

If you guessed the Monster at the end of this Book then you guessed correctly.

The Monster at the end of this Book cover
the Monster at the end of this Book

What’s not to love about Grover doing everything he can think of to stop you from turning the page? His only goal throughout the entirety of the book is to prevent you from making it to the end. But what happens if you make it to the end of the book? You’ll just have to read the Monster at the end of this Book to find out.

more monster fun

Perhaps it was the love of that classic Sesame Street book that inspired me to write Monster Beneath my Bed. There’s an adorable, cuddly monster in this book, too.

Buy Monster Beneath my Bed on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Monster Beneath my Bed cover
Monster Beneath my Bed

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