Finding my favorite candy is a special treat

What’s your favorite candy?

~daily prompt 1842

I haven’t done any of these daily prompt questions, yet. I’m not sure what makes today different, but here I am answering a WordPress daily prompt question.

My favorite candy must not be very many people’s favorite because it grows harder and harder to find as the years go by. Still, I’m a loyal fan of the layers of crunchy peanut butter enveloped in sweet Hershey’s chocolate.

The way the 5th Avenue’s peanut butter layers flake apart is far superior to the overly dense inferior version that I’d rather not lay a finger on. And how can you not love that smooth, creamy, delicious Hershey’s chocolate?

This sweet confection is why you’ll sometimes find me poking my head into the local candy shop and peeping at his vintage candy shelf for 5th Avenue candy bars. I would be delighted if Hershey’s got this delicious treat back on more shelves.

As a girl, I wrote a story about candy bars. You can read it here.


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