Cupid’s Arrow

It’s Valentine’s Day, again, and you know what that means. It is time for Cupid to let his arrow fly. What better way for an author to celebrate Valentine’s than with a story about Cupid and his arrow?

Cupid’s Arrow

“You know my arrow flies year-round, right?” he growled as he filled his quiver.

“I know.” She picked up one of his arrows. “But people actually believe in love today.”

He watched as she toyed with his arrow. She watched him with impish eyes. She was his Aphrodite.

“What about you?” His voice had grown husky. “Do you believe in love today?”

She giggled coquettishly. She placed the tip of the arrowhead behind his left ear and traced a careful line down his neck and across to his heart. She pierced his skin and licked up the drop of blood that trickled from the wound.

“Cupie,” she pouted. “Of course, I believe in love. I love you, don’t I?”

His head swam, and the room tilted on its axis. He felt his heart start to pound. Soon it was racing.

“You do?” His words dripped with uncertainty.

“Of course I do, silly. And you love me, too. Don’t you?”

He felt her slide the arrow a little deeper. His heart pounded. He pulled her into his arms. He looked into her eyes and saw an outpouring of love in them. The arrow slid all the way to his heart.

He kissed her then. Pulling her into the kiss just as he’d pulled her into his arms. She slid her free hand behind his neck and returned the kiss as she drove the arrow ever deeper into his heart.

The kiss was dizzying. His breathing was ragged as she pulled back to look him in the eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “But I had to be sure. I couldn’t bear losing you.”

He kept his arms around her waist. The last of the arrow had disappeared into the wound which had already begun to heal over.

“I love you,” he growled. “I’ve always loved you. Don’t you remember how you fell for me?”

She placed her hand over his heart, covering the slight scar the arrow had left. She looked up into his eyes. Hers glistened with adoration.

“I’ve loved you since I met you. That’s all I need to remember.”

“Damnit. You know who I am. Are you really so naive?”

“You’re like a god of love or something like that.”

“Not exactly.”

“Yeah, you kind of are. I mean. You shoot somebody with your arrow, and they find their true love. Right? That sounds pretty godlike to me.”

“You’re so beautiful.” He sounded wistful. “You were always so beautiful.”

She smiled an embarrassed smile.

“You were alone that night. You were walking along that path that cut through the woods on campus. You looked so sad. I wanted to take you in my arms right then, but you couldn’t see me.”

He paced the room. He ran his fingers through his dark hair.

“I pulled out my arrow, and I shot you with it. I shot you right through the heart at point-blank range. As the elixir coursed through you, you started to swoon. I reached out and took you in my arms.

You looked at me then. You saw me then. And all that love coursing through your veins, you couldn’t fight it.

You fell for me because I had fallen for you. I, like you, couldn’t resist using the arrow to tie your heart to mine. Cupid’s arrow is the only source of true love still to be found. And, now, our hearts are eternally bound as one.”

“Oh, Cupie.” She leaped at him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. “You really do love me.”

She kissed him, slipping her tongue between his lips and drawing him into it. He cupped her ass and let her continue to lead. They were both panting when she drew away.

“Don’t go to work tonight,” she pleaded.

“I have to.” He kissed her again. “It’s Valentine’s Day. People actually believe in love today.”

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