Is follow Friday still a thing?

It has been a while since I posted links telling y’all where to find me, so I figured I’d toss one out there today.

Stories on my website

If you would like to be notified whenever I post a new story here on, you can sign up by email.

Join 1,690 other followers

Just a click away

Read on for links to follow me on your favorite platforms.

Looking for more?

Not only do links to all of my stories post to Twitter, but you can find me there most days. I talk about writing, but I also talk about day to day life, work-life, and other mundane topics. For all of this and more, follow @shldbwriting on Twitter.

Let’s not forget Facebook.

If you don’t want to subscribe by email, you can get the same notifications by following my Facebook page. Whenever I post here, you can find it there. My page is shldbwriting on Facebook.

I often forget

I don’t think about Tumblr very often, but lucky for those of you who like to follow over there, you can find links and get real time notifications whenever I post here. Just follow shldbwriting on Tumblr.

But wait, there’s more

You can follow my Amazon page, but they no longer share blog posts there. While you won’t find my many short stories over there, it is a great way to be notified when I have a book coming out. There just so happens to be one in the works right now.

Decision time

What are you waiting for? Click a link and give me a follow on your favorite social media site. Come back here, and you can do it again.


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