When I should be writing, but I’m @shldbwriting, instead.

Daily writing prompt
How do you use social media?

How I use social media

Social media is where I share my writing. You can find an abundance of short stories here on my website.

It’s where my readers can find and engage with me, and I can connect with other writers. Twitter is where you will find me talking about writing, my day-to-day, my family and pets, etc… If you want constant content, this is where you should go. I’m not on Facebook often, but you can find links to my stories and occasional content there. To be honest, I often forget that I have a Tumblr at all, but you can find links to my stories there as well.

Social media is also where I talk about my books. Love Sick: Stories is out on April 25th. You can preorder it for Kindle, now.

It’s human nature to love. We can’t seem to help ourselves. Sometimes, it brings us comfort. Other times, it’s the bane of our existence.
Love Sick is a collection of stories about the love we find ourselves caught up in by award-winning author Tiffany Higgins.

Love Sick: Stories

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