I bet you all know what’s making me nervous.

Daily writing prompt
What makes you nervous?

This question popped up at a perfect time. I am sitting here, laptop in my lap, sending out press releases. What’s better than that? I am getting responses to my press releases.

What does this have to do with nerves? My book, Love Sick: Stories is coming out in TWO days! While this is not my first book, it’s been over a decade since I published anything new, and so much has changed.

I’m so excited that I am bouncing off the walls. I have been randomly breaking out in song. The song is oftentimes accompanied by dance. If you’re wondering, my main song has been The Pointer Sisters’ I’m So Excited.

My husband, Clark, has warned the kids that I’m about to do backflips out the window. If I could do backflips, I might actually be concerned.

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Love Sick: Stories is out now

Do you enjoy reading Tiffany’s stories and poems?

Book Cover: Heart with arrow through it; in from bottom left coming out at top right Inside the heart reads, "Love Sick" To the right of the bottom point of heart it reads, "Stories" Across the bottom, below the heart, it reads, "Tiffany Higgins"

You can own a book of Tiffany’s stories

Love Sick is a multi-genre collection of stories about the love we find ourselves caught up in.


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