Child Eater

Read the first chapters of the NaNoWriMo novel spawned from a nightmare that one reader found so scary they couldn’t bear to read it while they were alone.

Book Blurb

Plagued by memories of an abnormal childhood, Tabitha devotes her life to chasing the thing that destroyed her life as she knew it. She takes on as many missing children cases as she can, hoping to reunite families so they won’t have to suffer as she has.
Five-year-old Alice White is missing. Her room was left in shambles. Nothing about this small town or its haunting woods is normal. Is the “Child Eater” real or merely a story told by parents to keep their children out of the woods? Alice’s case strangely parallels the only other missing child case the town has ever reported, but that was thirty years ago. What could they possibly have in common?
Will Tabitha find Alice in time? Can she solve the mystery of the “Child Eater” and bring Alice back home where she belongs?

5 Star Reviews

The people, places, story, descriptions and the end of the book were enjoyable. You can see all of her words in your mind, scary story with a great ending. Shows how things in the past can be overcome with determination and love. A must read to anyone who likes their horror mixed with other elements.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat, couldn’t read it at times when alone cause it scared me!

Child Eater: 10th Anniversary Edition; coming January 25th, 2022