Love Sick: Stories

Fall in love with the characters in this multi-genre collection. Share in their joy and heartbreak. These stories will tear at your emotions as they remind you what it means to love.

With imaginative tales like Princess of Fereylind, slice-of-life stories like Family Frolic, the magic realism found in Sofia’s Snow Day, and the tragedy of Had We Known, this anthology will bring readers through the vicissitudes of love.

It’s human nature to love. We can’t seem to help ourselves. Sometimes, it brings us comfort. Other times, it’s the bane of our existence.

Love Sick is a multi-genre collection of stories about the love we find ourselves caught up in.

Love Sick: Stories

  • Memory Lane
    Which path would you choose?
  • Mud Pies
    Soulmates have beautiful stories.
  • Family Frolic
    It’s the little things that leave the biggest impact.
  • Please Stand by for Further Instruction
    If the world were ending, who would you want to be with?
  • Face the Music
    He never meant for them to meet this way.
  • Puppy Love
    She fell in love on an afternoon walk.
  • A Trip to Limbo
    Unrequited love can be a dangerous thing.
  • Had We Known
    Give your love each day like it might be the last.
  • Midnight Escape
    Under cover of darkness, he hunts her.
  • On the Edge of Regret
    Once you’ve reached the point of regret, it’s already too late.
  • Daisy
    If it’s not Mother’s Day, she’ll never expect it.
  • Geremy’s Trees
    All it takes is a little love and sunshine.
  • Princess of Fereylind
    She must face her past to save their future.
  • Sofia’s Snow Day
    You never know where you might find a little magic.
  • Marooned
    A business trip changed her life.
  • Up, Up, and Away
    Untethered, where would you go?

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