garlic parmesan bubble loaf recipe

Your family will love hunks of this delicious garlic parmesan bubble loaf alongside their favorite pasta dishes. Easy to toss together. All you need are a dozen Rhode's Texas Rolls, butter, olive oil, garlic and herbs, grated parmesan, and this fresh baked bread recipe.

Apple Dump Cake Crumble slow cooker recipe

Clark and I are on vacation this week. We're getting paid to do whatever we feel like being up to all week. Mostly, I plan on spending my time off writing. I have so many short stories that need cleaning up. I've got to choose the next one for Patreon. And, of course, I intend … Continue reading Apple Dump Cake Crumble slow cooker recipe

chicken and noodles recipe

If ever I was to choose a comfort food from my childhood, my dad's chicken and noodles would probably be it. The delicious homemade noodles are the absolute best part. As I grew up, I developed my own cooking style. I've since readapted my father's recipe to fit that style. This is that recipe. Chicken … Continue reading chicken and noodles recipe