She ran with all of her might. She gasped for breath, her lungs screaming from the effort. She wanted to stop. She considered, only for a moment, curling up into a ball. The moment passed and she pressed on. Soon, she would be free. She would be her own again. Photo by Francesco Ungaro on … Continue reading Run

Bear B’s Easter Egg Hunt – a short story

It's Easter, and I was thinking I should write a story. With that in mind, I was sitting here considering what story did I want to write. 'How about a Bear B story?' I thought. It's been ages since I wrote a story with him as the star. Bear B sketch by Clark Higgins Bear … Continue reading Bear B’s Easter Egg Hunt – a short story

up, up, and away…

I'm flying, now. Free from all that once encumbered me. I can feel the wind course through me as I climb ever higher. The clouds feel like droplets against my skin. Can I still call it skin? I'm really not certain what I am right now. Spirit? Soul? Ethereal mass? Whatever it's called, it's everything … Continue reading up, up, and away…

Daisy — flash fiction and a writing prompt

A long long time ago, so long ago that I can't remember when, I responded to a writing prompt about writing in the perspective of a flower. I've been seeing a whole lot of posts about spring lately, and that seemed like the perfect time to bring it up. Photo by Aaron Burden on … Continue reading Daisy — flash fiction and a writing prompt