Bully Troubles

You can read the first chapter of Bully Troubles, a Bear B & Stone adventure, for free.

Book Blurb

Moving is never easy. Living in a new house, in a new neighborhood, where nothing is familiar can be hard. Bear B and Stone are experiencing these changes in their life. They are making new friends and learning to love their new home. Not everyone is very welcoming. Bossy and Butch are downright mean. They don’t like Stone. It’s not anything he did. It’s just because he is a cat. Bully Troubles is about overcoming the bullies. Bear B and Stone want to be able to enjoy their lives. They don’t want to let Butch and Bossy get in the way. Can they defeat the bullies without becoming bullies themselves?

5 Star Reviews

This is a very enjoyable children’s book from the point of view of Bear B a sweet dog who hangs out with Stone, a cat. While exploring their new neighborhood they experience bullying, it’s really neat how they end up dealing with it, and the awesome twist at the end. I think every child in grade school should be REQUIRED to read this book, then discuss it! Maybe it will help end some of the bullying in schools! Very wonderful children’s book! I will tell everyone I know with children to get this book!

Really adorable characters and great handling of an important topic- bullying. I will be sharing this book with my kindergarten class.

Beautiful Illustrations

Chapter 1

My name is Bear B. I lived in a wonderful little house right in the center of town with my humans. I could watch the kids coming and going from school right out my window. Sometimes, I could even bark at them when someone forgot and left me in the yard. But, one day, that all changed. My humans bought us a new house out in the country.

   I don’t know why they insisted on moving us to this new house. I was content with the old one. But there we were, standing in the vast front lawn of our new home. It looked much larger than the one we were leaving behind. I attempted to move to the front door, but Dad tugged me back. They had put that leash on me again.

   I didn’t understand what the big deal was. Why did my humans insist that we stand there staring at the front door? It was our house now, and I wanted to go in and explore.

   After what seemed like an eternity, Dad said, “Okay!” and we finally headed in.

The place was empty. Where was our stuff? I barked out a warning. We’d been ROBBED! My humans didn’t seem concerned. Room after room it was all the same, no furniture, no stuff.

   “I want the pink one!” my girl shouted.

   I ran across the hall to join her. If they were giving out treats, I wanted one too. She was the only one in there. There were no treats. What was this pink one?

   We hadn’t been there for long when a large truck pulled up outside.

   “Our stuff’s here!” my boy shouted in excitement.

A couple of guys began bringing our stuff in. Everything was in boxes and bags. I am not a fan of change. To make matters worse, I couldn’t find my froggy. I started to suspect that those guys who stole our stuff and then brought it back to us had done so for the sole purpose of obtaining my froggy.

   I wandered from room to room, lost and confused. The furniture was all there. It smelled like home now, but there were boxes stacked everywhere. Just as I was wandering through the last of the bedrooms, I saw Stone peeking out of one of the boxes.

   “What are you doing?” I asked him.

   “Exploring,” he answered vaguely.

   “Did you discover the location of my froggy during your explorations?” I inquired next.

   He replied with a grunt and gracelessly hopped out of the box, sending it tumbling to the floor. Its contents spilled out before me. I nosed through the mess. There was no froggy there.

   I wandered back into the living room. My boy was there on the couch. I whimpered and whined. I tried to ask him for my froggy. He wasn’t listening. I collapsed on the floor at his feet.


   I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I knew it was dark outside.

   “Mom, I can’t find any pajamas,” my girl yelled from down the hall.

   “Look harder!” Mom yelled back from the kitchen.

   Moments later, my girl replied again. “They aren’t here!” she insisted.

   “Wear one of your brother’s t-shirts,”

   “What t-shirts?” my boy shouted back.

   Mom headed towards my little humans. I followed on her heels. Perhaps while she found the pajamas she could also find my froggy.

   Mom began moving the boxes around and peeking under the flaps to assess the contents of each. She produced a nightgown fairly quickly.

   “Looks like you searched real hard,” Mom said sarcastically.

   “I looked in some of the boxes,” my girl hedged.

   “Take your bath and brush your teeth. I’ll be in shortly to tuck you in,” Mom said.

   My girl headed towards the bathroom, nightgown in hand. I whimpered at Mom.

   “Do you need to go outside?” she asked.

   She’d said the magic word. ‘Outside’ was guaranteed to send me running like a lunatic. I raced through the house then back again, racing repeatedly between the door and Mom. She opened the back door to let me out.

   I ran a circle around my new yard. It was bigger than the last yard, but they still had this obnoxious fence in my way of really going crazy. After a few circles, I did my business and headed back to the door. Mom was waiting for my return.

   I helped settle my little humans into bed. Mom headed back to the kitchen. I went searching for Dad. I hadn’t seen him all day.

   I was just about to give up when I heard some banging coming from down below. I located a door off the kitchen. It was slightly ajar. I stuffed my nose into the crack and opened it wide. I headed down the stairs.

   I felt the cold cement beneath my paws. I took each step slowly. It felt like I would go tumbling tail over head, if I weren’t careful.

   I finally reached the bottom. I stepped down onto soft, thick carpet. It felt good on my paws. I wondered what it would feel like to lay on, so I plopped down on my belly. It was heavenly, like lying on a bed of puffy clouds. I rolled onto my back and wiggled back and forth a bit.

   I suppose I was panting quite excitedly because Dad turned around and saw me.

   “Hello there, Bear B,” he said as he wandered over.

   He sat down beside me and started scratching my belly. I rolled from side to side, grinning stupidly. My tongue lolled out the side of my mouth. I’ve always been a sucker for a good tummy rub.

   “So, what do you think?” he asked at length.

   I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, so I sat up and stared at him. He pointed at what he’d been working on when I had interrupted him. It was a big wooden box. Inside the box were shelves and cabinets. It was full of nothing but empty space. I cocked my head from left to right. I wondered what it was. Dad walked over to the box. He pointed at the largest of open spaces.

   “The TV goes in here,” he supplied. “And the DVD player and video game systems go here and here,” he pointed as he spoke. “And then all the games, equipment and movies can go on the shelves in these cabinets.”

   I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but his excitement was rather contagious. I jumped on my hind legs, shouting and sharing in his enthusiasm. He scratched me behind the ears. Not a bad reward, if you ask me.

   “Come on buddy, let’s go see what Mom’s up to,” he said, indicating that I should precede him up the stairs.

   We located mom still working in the kitchen. She was pulling dishes from boxes and loading them into the dishwasher. I wandered over to where my dishes were set up and tipped my food bowl. This usually worked to get me something to eat.

   “Where’s the dog food?” Dad asked Mom.

   She indicated a door near the refrigerator. I trotted over and waited for Dad to open it. It was like a small room with lots of shelves. The shelves were overflowing with food. My food was in its usual container and tucked into the corner. They kept it locked in that plastic box to keep me from eating it when they didn’t want me to. I was entirely at their mercy. Dad scooped a cupful of food into my dish and set it down. He also got me fresh water.

   “There you go, buddy,” he said as he scratched my butt.

   This was my signal that I could dig in. I hadn’t realized just how hungry I was. I scarfed my food and then chased it with a bit of water. I heard Mom start the dishwasher.

   “What do you say we call it a night?” Mom asked. She sounded tired.

   “I’d say that’s a wonderful idea,” came Dad’s immediate reply.

   I whimpered again. I wanted my froggy to sleep with.

Misunderstanding me like usual, Dad said the magic word, “Outside?”

   I took off running up and down the hall, through the kitchen and into the eating room. I stopped and sniffed beneath the table for scraps and then took off running back through the kitchen. Dad opened the back door and off I went.

   When I came back inside, we went through our nightly ritual. Dad locked all the doors, I got my cookie, the lights all went out, and they disappeared behind a door. I guess some things happen no matter where we live.    I wandered from room to room, as is my custom. I can’t sleep until I am certain my humans are safe for the night. I found my way into my boy’s room. I figured I’d sleep with him for a bit and then wander into my girl’s room for the rest of the night.

Chapter 2

I couldn’t get to sleep in my boy’s bed, so I headed [keep reading]

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