Child Eater

You can read the first chapter of my debut novel, Child Eater –a NaNoWriMo novel– for free.

Book Blurb

Five-year-old Alice White is missing. Her room was left in shambles. Nothing about this small town, or its haunting woods, is normal. Is the “Child Eater” real, or merely a story told by parents to keep their children out of the woods? Tabitha Jordan is a private investigator with a history and understanding of the supernatural. Her own childhood came to an abrupt end the night a monster came for her and got her father instead. Will Tabitha find Alice in time? Can she solve the mystery of the “Child Eater” and bring Alice back home where she belongs?

5 Star Reviews

I give this book a 5 star review. The people, places, story, descriptions and the end of the book were enjoyable. You can see all of her words in your mind, scary story with a great ending. Shows how things in the past can be overcome with determination and love. A must read to anyone who likes their horror mixed with other elements.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat, couldn’t read it at times when alone cause it scared me!

Chapter 1

She held her mother’s hand as they walked down the hallway towards her hotel room. Her room was attached to her parent’s room by a connecting door, but she was actually sleeping in her own hotel room for the first time. Her white blonde hair hung straight down her back. It brushed the top of her bottom as she walked. She took in everything as they made their way to the rooms at the end of the hall.

   She could hear her brother and his friend laughing as they passed their closed door. They had the room on the other side of their parents’. She glanced in at daddy as they walked past the open door. She wondered why they didn’t just go through there to get to her room. The door between was unlocked so they could get to each other if they needed each other.

   As they approached the door to her room, her tummy started to feel funny. She guessed she was a little nervous to be staying alone for the first time. Hers was the last room on the right. The rest of the rooms down this hallway remained empty. Not too many people came here to vacation. They only came here to visit family.

   She thought she heard a funny sound coming from her room as mommy unlocked the door. She wanted to scream at her not to open it, but then they’d think she was a baby and not ready to have her own room. She was 7 years old and definitely not a baby. She took a deep breath and slowly pushed the door open.

   Inside, everything was strewn about the room. Things were still flying in every direction. In the center of all the chaos, she saw the most beautiful light. She couldn’t take her eyes off of that light. It was mesmerizing, perhaps even hypnotizing. It spoke to her. She didn’t hear it with her ears. She glanced sideways at her mother, who stood their gaping at the thing in her room.

   “Honey! Get over here NOW!” she heard her mother shout.

   The light, that beautiful light, was calling to her. Telling her not to be afraid. Telling her to come to it now. She let go of her mother’s hand. She began walking into the light. She felt at ease. She felt peaceful inside.

   “It’s okay Mommy. You don’t have to be afraid of it,” she said as she walked towards the light.

   She felt her mother’s arms wrap around her waist, holding her back. She knew she had to get away from mommy and to that light. The light was telling her that. She heard it getting louder and louder inside her head. She couldn’t hear what her parents were saying. She could only hear the light. She could feel it too. It was pulsating through her body now. Coursing through her with an energy she couldn’t understand. It made her feel warm and tingly inside. It felt safe. It was comforting her.

   She struggled against her mother’s arms. She fought with all her might. She had to get into that light.

   “Let me GO!!!” she screamed at Mommy.

   “Take her outside! Get the boys and get out of the hotel!” Daddy ordered Mommy.

   She knew they were afraid. She tried to tell them that there was nothing to be afraid of. No one was listening to her. She felt herself being lifted into her mother’s arms. This was all wrong. She was supposed to be here. She was supposed to go somewhere with the light. Why didn’t her parents understand? This thing came to her room, the first time ever she was given a room, and it needed her. What was that word her brother told her? Kizmet? Yeah, that was it. Kizmet. It was kizmet that it came to her. It chose her.

   She fought and struggled and pushed away from her mother. She had only one thought. She had to get to that light. That beautiful, bright, colorful light was still calling her. It whispered her name. Mommy’s arms tightened around her. Had she heard it? She must have.

   Mommy held her tight and began pounding on her brother’s door. When he opened the door, she shouted at them to follow her.

   “Don’t look back, don’t grab anything, just go,” she ordered.   They made their way outside. Daddy wasn’t with them. How come he got to stay with the light? She tried to escape the arms that encircled her and held her too tightly. She could feel her mother’s heart racing in her chest. It was pounding so fast and hard it should have pounded right out of her chest.

Chapter 2

Tabitha awoke with a start. She tried so hard not to think about that dreadful day [Continue Reading]

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