Monster Beneath my Bed

You can read the first pages of the mostly true story, Monster Beneath my Bed, for free.

Book Blurb

You’re all tucked into bed when you hear a sound. Was it in the closet? Maybe beneath your bed? You tell your parents, but they say there is no such thing as monsters. You know what you heard, right? Monster Beneath my Bed is a (mostly) true story about a monster living beneath the bed at night. Follow one little girl’s scary nights as she struggles with the noises she hears coming from beneath her bed. Find out what she learned about her monster in the surprise ending that will leave everyone feeling relieved about what lurks in their bedroom at night.

with Beautiful Illustrations

5 Star Reviews

We really enjoyed this book, as we have Monsters sometimes beneath our beds too!!! Monster Beneath My Bed was easy to read, captured all the kids attention. At the end they were laughing, loving this cute children’s book. When I say spooky, don’t worry this is not going to scare your children. Tiffany writes this book with that in mind, not a scary book but cute for children. Illustrations were cute. The Illustrations are colorful. My children loved this book, I would highly recommend this book to parents for a Halloween Treat!

I love this book! I am giving it to my daughter for her birthday! I have to say that it is such a cute story and the pictures are cute and sure to make a child smile! I love the book and I am 100% my daughter will too!

Page 1

Page 2

Order now to discover what lurks beneath her bed


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