the kitten and the ball

I cannot believe we are into February already. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year. I’ve been learning so much at work about programming the lasers that I guess it’s only natural for time to be flying. Here at home, I’ve been working on editing the short stories for a book I’m putting together. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

If you’re wondering what’s happening with Once Upon a Time in Iowa, I haven’t heard a thing from Mary Cardelia or Jesse in so long. I don’t think I did much more than consider them the entirety of 2022. It’s alright, though. This is the way of things sometimes with writing. Recently, I thought I heard the two of them whispering. Maybe they’re about ready for me to continue their love story?

Here on my website, I like to give y’all fresh, raw stories to read. It’s actually kind of funny, really. I have stories upon stories that I won’t let anyone read until they are finished, edited, and polished. But here on my website, I love sharing my lightly edited stories straight from my head through my keyboard to all of you. This is what brings me–and hopefully you–here today.

A while back, it occurred to me that a kitten playing with a ball would be a fun write. That’s the story that’s come to mind today, so I guess that’s the story I’m going to write.

the kitten and the ball

The charcoal gray ball of fuzz began to wiggle with excitement. Its butt shot up as it crouched low to the ground assuming a pounce formation. Its little tail twitched with anticipation. A tiny tongue popped out of its mouth. Its little eyes were opened wide with wonder.

The kitten pushed off the ground with its back paws, and for a moment, it was flying. A look of panic crossed its face before it landed on its mark, the green ball that had rolled across the floor and caught its attention. It locked its claws into the soft material of the ball and rolled onto its back.

When it tried to toss the ball up into the air, the kitten discovered that its claws had become lodged. It panicked as it fought to free them. Suddenly freed, the ball flew through the air and landed nearby.

The kitten rolled over and hopped up. It approached the ball with cautious curiosity. It smacked it once, twice, thrice. It examined its own paw, then smacked the ball again.

It rolled and the kitten slapped it with its other paw. As it rolled, farther this time, the kitten cocked its head to the side and watched it. It dropped back into pounce formation, its little butt wriggling from side to side.

Another flying leap and the kitten was rolling over with the ball firmly clasped between its front paws. It lay on its back rolling the ball carefully between its paws across its chest until it lost it.

The ball rolled off of the kitten and slowly across the floor. The kitten watched it until it had come to a complete stop. It rolled over and hopped to its feet again.

Forgoing the pounce, it ran straight to the ball and slapped it, hard. It rolled across the room. The kitten trotted after it and slapped it again. It chased it around the room then pounced on the ball again.

It played with the ball until it was exhausted. When it rolled off of the kitten’s chest and came to rest nearby, the kitten remained on its back with its paw outstretched and swatted lazily at it though it remained just slightly out of reach. It fell asleep reaching for its ball.

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