Daily writing prompt
Have you ever been camping?

Have tent, will travel

I love camping, especially in the early fall when the weather is just starting to change. I love the feeling of the crisp cool air as the coffee percolates on the campfire in the morning. I love hiking through the woods. I especially enjoy watching all of the plant and animal life around me.

For this part, you might think me a little crazy. I actually love the feeling of the hard ground beneath my sleeping bag. I’m getting older now, and I probably should speak in the past tense because my old joints prefer a little inflatable luxury. In my younger years, though, I swear my body would feel renewed after a night in a tent.

I love to cook [hence all the recipes]. Cooking over a fire is a treat. I love all of the delicious things we eat while camping. The best thing I’ve ever cooked over a campfire was Black Forest Cake. I’m really not even a fan of Black Forest Cake under ordinary circumstances, but once it’s been cooked over a fire, all bets are off. Haven’t tried it yet? It’s seriously easy.

Photo by Dmitriy Zub on

Black Forest Campfire Cake Recipe

Grab yourself a cast iron Dutch oven. Dump two cans of cherry pie filling into the bottom of the pot. Sprinkle a package of your favorite Devil’s Food chocolate cake mix on top of the cherries. Thinly slice a stick of butter and cover the top of the cake mix evenly.

Place the lid on your Dutch oven. Set it on the coals and place more coals on top of it. Let it bake for about 40 minutes. Remove from fire.

Cool slightly and then scoop into mess kits. If your camping conditions allow for it, the cake is also delicious with vanilla ice cream or whipped topping on top.


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